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Hiatus Notice Indirectly Due to Moving

So, I've been struggling with my inking pens for a while now. It seems like the fine-tip one I use for most of the lines in Paladins' Haven is seriously on its last legs, now. The kind of "on its last legs" that means "I'm trying to letter next Wednesday's comic and I'm having to go over half the letters twice". Obviously I cannot work with this.

I'm pretty sure I have another one somewhere. I do not, however, know exactly where "somewhere" is, beyond "in a moving box". So I'll be pencilling comics until my fingers bleed, but won't be able to ink, and my pencils are enough of a mess that this means I won't be updating until the situation is solved. Best-case scenario, I find the marker next week, and updates resume June 21st. Worst-case scenario, I don't find the marker for a few weeks (unlikely, as I know I've seen them somewhere since the move, and that I've not unpacked them), or worse yet I do find my spare markers and find that I've already grabbed the skinny one out of that package.

This is a problem because the only pens I know I can get domestically are Staedtler Pigment Liners, which the old-run PH were inked with, and as I recall they're pretty crap to work with. (Also because I'm really tight on funds — if I'm lucky I get paid enough July 25th to give me enough spare to order some off the Internet.)

If you have a working size 01 Micron lying around somewhere not being used, I'll gladly accept it as a donation. Let me know and you'll get all relevant details off of me.

Stupid pens. They'll be the death of me.

On the plus side, I've recently changed the way I ink my standalone art, so I may throw up some random extras here if things get drawn-out.
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